Working With A Funeral Director

When we gather for a funeral, we do so to show their respect and to mourn with others who are united in our grief in order to support each other at the start of our healing journey.

Many families choose to work with a funeral director because they can arrange everything from the coffin to the transport, from the service to the memorial book and from the death notice to the committal ceremony.

Once you have planned the funeral and made all the decisions about inclusions and styles, using a funeral director allows you the much needed time to process your loss until the day of the funeral service.

The funeral director will work closely with your priest, minister or celebrant to ensure nothing is missed, the service script is exactly right and there are no additional stressors for you to deal with.

While the funeral director has a list of internal and external funeral celebrants they regularly use, you are not obliged to have them officiate your loved one’s service. You have the right to choose your own celebrant or officiant, someone you know well, someone you trust or someone you feel has all the attributes and skills required to deliver a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

As an independent funeral celebrant with a counselling background, I am committed to working with you, to find out as much as I can about your loved one, their life, their dreams, their achievements and their family. I am committed to telling their story in a way that makes sense to everyone sharing this moment in time, not just relaying snippets of information to a crowd.

I will work closely with you and make myself available to you whenever you need to discuss elements of the funeral service.

I will work closely with the funeral director, cemetery or crematorium staff so that on the day the service is seamless.

Every ceremony is designed to honour the deceased

their family and friends


dignity, respect and love