Funeral Celebrant Services

The cost of the funeral service is $450. This fee includes:

  • Initial contact with family members.
  • Face-to-face meeting with family members to commence the planning and determine their needs regarding conducting the funeral service for their loved one. This meeting will be conducted either in my office, via zoom or in their own home depending on the needs and circumstances of the client.
  • Create a dropbox file for each new client. 2 x internal files will include
    • “Family” where all photos, ideas and draft scripts can be shared with the nominated family members.
    • “Chapel Attendant/Funeral Director where any special instructions, run sheet, music and slideshow documents will be shared.
  • Advising the Funeral Director of any special needs, unusual circumstances or perceived issues that may occur on the day and working with the FD to overcome or minimize the impact to ensure a smooth service is conducted.
  • Writing a fitting funeral service for their loved one. Working with the family to get the wording, inclusions and timing just right for them and the allocated chapel time.
  • Assistance the family members with writing a eulogy or tribute. Read the eulogy or tribute on the day if required.
  • Creating a ceremony/chapel run sheet to be provided to the chapel attendant and Funeral Director. Gather a copy of all music and slideshows from the family to ensure they are in the correct format and are in good working order. Once collated, all required documents and files will be saved in a file under the Name – Date, Time, Chapel/Location and shared with the chapel
    attendant and funeral director via dropbox 24 hours prior to the service.
  • Assisting the Funeral Director and Chapel attendant on the day with sign-in books, guest management, time management and chapel set up if required.
  • Provide the Funeral Director with any feedback as received.

Additional services that can be provided. Charges are outlined below:

Service Description Cost
Thank-you cards Design print ready thank you cards in Canva PDF format.
Provide file via dropbox to funeral director or printer as
Order of Service Design print ready Order of Service booklets as double sided,
center fold A4 documents, in Canva PDF format.
4 x design templates will be presented, however the family
will always have the option of changing the design to suit
their needs. Alternatively, the Funeral Director can request
the OOS be designed on their own template.
Design and print full colour double sided, center fold A4
Order of Service. Minimum requirement 25 OOS
Additional OOS in minimum lots of 10 $15
Music Source and convert music to MP3 file. Add to Chapel
Attendant/ Funeral Director dropbox file. (usually 3 songs)
Additional music can be sourced and converted at a per song
Slideshow 2.5-3.5 minute slideshow compiled from photos provided by
the family. Music to be sourced and converted for use in the
slideshow. Music to be embedded into the slideshow.
Slideshow to be converted to MP4 file. Add to Chapel
Attendant / Funeral Director dropbox file.
Additional continuous slideshow suitable for use during the
after service gathering. No music
Additional continuous slideshow suitable for use during the
after service gather, with up to 5 songs embedded and set on
continuous loop
Rituals Rituals can be included into any service as long as they meet
the chapel/venue requirements. The cost of all equipment
and consumables for conducting a ritual will be discussed
with the family prior to the service and will be added to the
final invoice (either billed separately to the family or after
discussion/ negotiation will be included in the invoice to the
funeral director
As required

Memorial Services can be planned and conducted. The memorial costs are the same as the funeral service costs however additional charges may be incurred for long distance travel (over 30km), late evening start/finish (after 9pm)