The Eulogy

A checklist is included below for you. If you need any assistance I am just a phone call away

How to write a Eulogy – Content Checklist

Writing a Eulogy is not an easy undertaking. You have lost someone you loved dearly, you have a lifetime of memories and emotions that you want to share with everyone who attends the funeral service but you only have 5-10 minutes to do it. With a thousand thoughts and memories running through your head, it can be difficult to find the right words that say exactly what you want to say and clearly shares your loss at the same time as celebrating the life your loved one lived.

 What do you include?

What do you leave out?

What is important?

To help you a little bit, I have put together a checklist that you can use to identify the key elements to be included in your Eulogy.

When it is written, you can look back over the checklist to see if you have missed anything.

I hope this is useful for you, if you need any assistance give me a call and I will work with you to get it just right.

How to use this checklist

Read through each category and tick any that you feel you have enough information about to write a sentence or two or tell a story about.

Use OTHER to include a key aspect not listed here.

Keep the checklist with you when writing your Eulogy so you can refer back to it if you get stuck.

Once you have finished writing, read through it and tick off each aspect to ensure you have included everything you wanted.

Don’t forget to breathe, you are embarking on a beautiful gift for your loved one, the gift of memories, the gift of family, the gift of love.

Date & place of birth   Music  
Nationality / cultural influences   Concerts  
Son/daughter of   Live theatre/ballet  
Brother/sister to   Skilled with hands  
Where they lived   Building things  
Other   Knitting / Sewing / Crochet  
Special interests   Other  
Interests when young   INTERESTS    
Educated at   Travel  
Military service with   Holidays  
Employed at   Walking  
Promoted to   Cars  
Relocations   Bikes  
Retirement   Gardening  
Other   Reading  
GOALS     Other  
Achievements   RELATIONSIPS    
Future plans   Family & extended family  
Other   Friendships  
PERSONALITY     Close friends  
Happy & cheerful   Marriage / Partner  
Determined   How they met  
Sense of humour   Courtship  
Outgoing & generous   When & where they married  
Loving & caring   When & where children born  
Thoughtful   Groups  
Quiet & reserved   Clubs  
Family oriented   Animal & pets  
Independent   Other  
Friendly & popular   SURVIVED BY    
Other   Husband  
HEALTH     Wife  
Good health / fitness   Children & spouses  
Poor health / illness   Grand & great grand children  
Other   Parents  
HOBBIES     Brothers & sisters  
Cricket / golf / bowls   Nieces & nephews  
Horse racing   TRIBUTES    
Fishing   Special friends  
Chess   People who helped  
Dancing   Work colleagues