About Michaela – Funeral Celebrant

Qualified Profressional

A bit more about me

I am a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant with an additional certification as a Funeral Celebrant. This qualification ensures that every funeral service is tailored specifically to honour the life, values, and beliefs of your loved one.

I work closely with you to incorporate various elements, such as cultural traditions, religious rituals, and personal anecdotes, while maintaining sensitivity and respect for diverse beliefs and practices. With a deep respect for cultural and religious diversity, I will weave in symbolic rituals, readings, and music that are meaningful to your family and reflect your loved one’s beliefs.

In addition to being certified as a funeral celebrant, I am also a Certificate in End-of-Life Doula and general grief counsellor. I undertook these courses to deepen my understanding of the dying process, grief support, and end-of-life care in order to be in a position to best assist families who are dealing with the challenging emotional journey leading up to and after the loss of their loved one with compassionate guidance and support.
My primary approach to funeral celebrancy is centered on personalized and meaningful funeral preparation and ceremonies providing comfort and reassurance to the friends and family in an atmosphere of healing and love.