Popular Rituals

Light a candle at home

Set a place at the table or set up a memorial display area at home and light a candle when you want to honor the memory of a loved one. You can light a candle every day or on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Lighting a candle symbolizes the light that your loved one brought into your life and the memory of the person who lives on in your heart.

Light a candle at the funeral service

Lighting a candle at the start of the funeral service can be beautiful and powerful. The candle is normally placed near a photo of your loved one, at the beginning of the service a chosen family member or close friend is asked to come forward to light the candle in memory of the light and love your loved one brought to the lives of everyone he/she/they met. At the end of the service, usually during the committal the candle is extinguished.

Release doves, butterflies, or paper lanterns

Releasing a lantern is a ritual that symbolizes releasing a lost loved one or sending loving thoughts to their spirit. Some people write notes and attach them to the lanterns. Some people release doves or butterflies to symbolize a loved one’s ascension to heaven or transition into a new spiritual form.

Flower Ceremony

There are so many ways that you can include a floral tribute in the funeral service for your loved one. Here are just a few:
1: Each member of the family and guests are given a flower as they enter the venue. During the slideshow, they are given the opportunity to place the flower on the coffin and have their last conversation with their loved one.
2: After the slideshow, your guests are given the opportunity to come up, take a flower and place it on the coffin as they say their own personal farewell.
3: Your guests are asked to bring a single flower from their home garden. As they enter the chapel, they place their flower on the coffin before taking their seat for the service.
4: At the conclusion of the service, guests are invited to join you at home or at a local park to create a memorial garden by planting many flowers (you could also plant a single tree).