Assemble to Honour

The word Celebrant comes from the Latin Celebrare meaning “assemble to honour.

There are three especially important events that we should assemble to honour or celebrate.
Toukley Celebrants, provides different types of celebrant services, based not only on the event, but your own specific feelings about it.

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Births, or naming ceremonies, is a way for you to introduce and celebrate the arrival of a new family member – no two naming ceremonies are the same because no two parents are the same.

Weddings – morning coat with tails, or board shorts at the beach. Create your own lasting memories with Toukley Celebrants. Yes, we’ve got the experience you can call on, but this is your day.

Funerals, coming together to celebrate a life, or simple be together to respectfully mourn. We’ll hear you and help this time of closure be as comfortable as possible. And if you need us to gently take the lead for you, that’s no problem either.

Because all three events are treated very differently, please select the event above and explore some of your options.


Toukely Celebrants

We have never done two ceremonies the same. In fact, there are rarely similarities between most of our ceremonies. We have the experience, the flexibility, the empathy and most importantly the ability to hear you that is needed to make the event as individual as the people we’re celebrating.

It’s not just the three types of events that are so different, the options available within each of the event types means that your choices are extensive – but we can help guide you quickly and comfortably to the day that is most perfect for you and will give you the memories you are hoping for.

We’ve built some beautiful relationships with some of our clients that has seen us requested to travel to some unusual places to continue representing the families, but the area we know the best is Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle (Hunter) areas.

From the three images above, select the type of celebration you are here to organise, and let us walk the journey with you. And keep in mind, we hear new requests and suggestions every day – and we love the dynamics of new ideas.

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