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Meet Michaela Macdonald from Toukley Celebrants

Certificate in Funeral Celebrant | Certificate in End-of-Life Doula | Course in Funeral Celebrant | Qualified Counsellor


My name is Michaela Macdonald from Toukley Celebrants. I am truly honoured that you are considering using Toukley Celebrants to assist and guide you through creating a personalized and meaningful celebration of life for your loved one.

As a funeral celebrant, I take my role of providing comfort, guidance and support to you and your family during your time of loss very seriously. I am dedicated to honouring and celebrating the life your loved one lived with compassion and empathy to ensure your family has all the assistance you need as you navigate the emotional and often difficult process of organizing a funeral for your loved one.

I will work closely with you to skillfully craft a very personal service that memorializes their uniquely individual stories, life and love in a way that best suits your needs while honouring the life that was lived by your very special, much-loved person.

what to expect from your funeral celebrant

Creating a Meaningful and Personalized Ceremony

When you are planning a funeral, it is important to choose a funeral celebrant who understands your needs, values, and desires for the service. A funeral celebrant plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting you through this emotional journey. So what should you expect from a funeral celebrant and how they can help create a meaningful and personalized ceremony that honours your loved one’s life.

First and foremost, look for compassion and sensitivity:

A funeral celebrant should approach their role with compassion and sensitivity, recognizing the deep emotions involved in the grieving process. They should be empathetic listeners, allowing you to express your wishes, concerns, and emotions openly. A good funeral celebrant will be a source of comfort and support throughout the planning process and the ceremony itself.

Do they understand your vision and need?

A funeral celebrant’s main objective is to create a ceremony that reflects the life, values, and beliefs of your loved one. They will take the time to truly understand the essence of the person being honoured, gathering important information about their life, accomplishments, and significant moments. This understanding allows the celebrant to create a ceremony that is uniquely tailored and personalized.

Ensure they are willing to collaborate:

A funeral celebrant should work closely with you and your family to ensure that your wishes and needs are met. They will collaborate with you and your chosen funeral director to design a ceremony that aligns with your cultural, religious, and personal preferences. Whether you desire traditional or contemporary elements, rituals, or readings, the celebrant will be open to your ideas and provide guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Can they crafting, write and delivering the ceremony?

A key role of a funeral celebrant is the creation and delivery of the funeral ceremony. They will skillfully craft a ceremony from open to close as well as assist you to write a meaningful eulogy or tribute that captures the spirit and essence of your loved one. The celebrant will work with you to choose appropriate readings, poems, or music that reflect their personality and values. They will also coordinate the order of service, ensuring a seamless flow and smooth transitions between different elements of the ceremony.

Your celebrant will offer you guidance and support:

Funeral celebrants are not only there to conduct the ceremony but also to provide guidance and support throughout the grieving process. They can provide you with external resources, information, and suggestions for additional services such as grief counselling or support groups. Celebrants often have experience working closely with funeral directors, ensuring a well-coordinated and professional service.

Other services:

Funeral celebrants often offer other services in coordination with the funeral director, such as compiling and printing the Order of Service (the booklet that is handed out to all attendees), prepare the music and the slideshow, coordinate with the chapel attendant. While these services do incur an additional charge on top of the celebrant’s service fee, it is often well worthwhile using them as they already have all the information required, have the skills to ensure it is exactly as you wished, have access the funeral director and chapel attendant on the day, AND it is one less thing you have to worry about.

Choosing the right funeral celebrant is crucial in creating a meaningful and personalized ceremony that honours your loved one’s life. They will guide and support you, offering a compassionate presence during your time of grief. With skillful delivery and attention to detail, the funeral celebrant will ensure that the ceremony unfolds as planned, leaving a lasting memory of love, respect, and cherished moments.


What Does a Funeral Look Like?

The elements are the parts of the funeral, celebration of life, memorial, cremation, ash-scattering or living memorial and the order in which they are normally performed. There are no hard and fast rules, you can add, subtracted, repeat or modified any part of the service to create your ideal ceremony.

When planning your service, give a little thought to the timing. 30-45 minutes is a good time to work towards especially if little children will be attending. The rest is up to you.

Ceremony Elements


This is the way in which the coffin is brought into the venue and by who.
Will there be a procession leader?
Will there be pallbearers or will the coffin be in situ?
Will the mourners be seated prior to the procession or follow the procession into the venue?


The celebrant will welcome your guest and give them any instructions you have requested such as turning off their mobile phones.

The Story

The celebrant will speak about your loved one using the information you have provided. The story will reflect the person, their achievements, their loved ones, their hobbies and their legacy. The celebrant will write the story and provide you a copy for feedback or amendment prior to the service date.


The celebrant will invite you and your guests to participate in a cultural, religious or commemorative ritual of your choosing.


A nominated person (family, friend or colleague) will read a passage or poem the family has chosen that reflects the life of your loved one or the beliefs and ideas you hold for them now.


A nominated person (or two) will read the prepared Eulogy that has been written by the family. The celebrant can do this for you or offer support to you throughout the reading.


The celebrant will ask your guests if they would like to say a few words about your loved one. This can be scripted or spontaneous.


A life remembered in image and music. The celebrant, the funeral director or a member of the family can create a power-point presentation of your favourite photos, stories, videos that tell the story of life. This can be set to music to create a beautiful tribute to the life lived. A slideshow allows your guest time to reflect, say a prayer or silently have their last conversation.


The celebrant will give your guests any announcements such as burial site, wake arrangements, donation requests you may have and thank them for attending.

Final Words / Committal

The celebrant will read a final prayer or passage in memory of your loved one and commit them to their final rest.


Leaving the venue, what order and how you and your guest will exit the chapel or gravesite.


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