Policies & Guidelines


The Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants is contained in Schedule 2 of the Marriage Regulations 2017.

1 APPLICATION OF THIS CODE OF PRACTICE This Code of Practice applies to marriage celebrants.

Note 1: A marriage celebrant is a person registered under Subdivision C of Division 1 of Part IV of the Marriage Act 1961: see subsection 5(1) of that Act.

Note 2: Under paragraph 39I(1)(b) of that Act, if the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants is satisfied that a marriage celebrant has not complied with an obligation under section 39G of that Act, including this Code of Practice, the Registrar may take disciplinary measures against the marriage celebrant.

2 HIGH STANDARD OF SERVICE A marriage celebrant must maintain a high standard of service in his or her professional conduct and practice. This includes (without limitation) ensuring the following: (a) appropriate personal presentation for marriage ceremonies;

(b) punctuality for marriage ceremonies;

(c) accuracy in preparation of documents and in the conduct of marriage ceremonies. 3 RECOGNITION OF SIGNIFICANCE OF MARRIAGE A marriage celebrant must recognise the social, cultural and legal significance of marriage and the marriage ceremony in the Australian community, and the importance of strong and respectful family relationships.

4 COMPLIANCE WITH THE ACT AND OTHER LAWS A marriage celebrant must:

(a) comply with the requirements of the Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations 2017 which apply to the marriage celebrant; and

(b) observe the laws of the Commonwealth and of any State or Territory in which the marriage celebrant solemnises marriages; and

(c) avoid unlawful discrimination in the provision of marriage celebrancy services.

5 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR MARRIAGE CEREMONIES A marriage celebrant must respect the importance of the marriage ceremony to the parties and the other persons organising the ceremony. This includes (without limitation) the following: Updated: 1 April 2018

(a) giving the parties information and guidance to enable them to choose or compose a marriage ceremony, including information to assist the parties to decide whether a marriage ceremony rehearsal is needed or appropriate;

(b) respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the parties, including by:

(i) arranging for appropriate facilities to interview parties; and

(ii) dealing appropriately with personal documents and personal information; and

(iii) maintaining appropriate facilities for the secure storage of records; and

(iv) ensuring the return of all personal documents belonging to the parties as soon as practicable (unless it is necessary to keep the documents for the ceremony);

(c) giving the parties information about how to notify the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department of any concerns or complaints they may have regarding the marriage services provided by the marriage celebrant.


(a) maintain an up-to-date knowledge about appropriate family relationships services in the community; and

(b) inform the parties to the marriage about the range of information and services available to them to enhance, and sustain them throughout, their relationship.


I offer a fair and transparent fee structure for wedding ceremonies.

The fee provides everything you need to conduct an official marriage ceremony including:

• Preparation of the ceremony

• Access to poems, readings and meaningful rituals that you may like to incorporate into your ceremony

• Unlimited phone and email support

• One (1) rehearsal at the ceremony location or appropriate venue

• Performing the ceremony (no longer than one hour from start time)

• PA system

• Completion and lodging of legally required paperwork

• Commemorative Marriage Certificate.

There are additional fees applicable to ceremonies that involve long distance travel, extra rehearsals, rituals, additional ceremony elements and an application for a NSW Standard Marriage Certificate, if required.

Please request a copy of the Statement of Fees PDF for full details of pricing structure.

Fee Policies

All prices are subject to change without notice. A schedule of fees will be provided for approval and signature of couple prior to booking and confirming the ceremony date. Payment of the required non-refundable deposit secures the quoted price. In the case of a ceremony being postponed or cancelled by the client, the schedule of fees may become null and void. Final payment must be paid at least 14 days prior to the wedding date.

Booking Fee

A non-refundable booking of $250 must be paid on lodgment of the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Refund Policy

Postponement by Couple

Notice of Intended Marriage is active for 18 months. In the case of the client needing to postpone the ceremony to a new date within the legal time-frame, the deposit may be held over to new date. The client will be responsible to cover all additional costs that may be incurred due to the ceremony being postponed. This includes but is not limited to, increased airfares, increased venue costs, increased ritual components, and any other cost increases that may be incurred by the celebrant. A new schedule of fees will be provided to more accurately represent the increase in costs during this time.


Cancellation by Couple

In the event the client notifies the celebrant of a cancellation more than 14 days prior to the agreed upon ceremony date, a full refund (less non-refundable deposit) will be refunded within 7 days of notice being received and acknowledge by the celebrant.

In the event the client notifies the celebrant of a cancellation less than 14 days prior to the agreed upon ceremony date, a refund (less non-refundable deposit) can be negotiated with the celebrant to be paid within 7 days of notice being received and acknowledge by the celebrant, depending on the circumstances.

In the event the client notifies the celebrant of a cancellation less than 7 days prior to the agreed upon ceremony date, all funds paid will be forfeited without the possibility of a refund.


Cancellation by Celebrant

In the event that I am unable to attend a ceremony 100% of funds paid by the couple will be refunded, including deposit.

Alternatively, I will secure the services of an alternate celebrant and cover all cost, regardless of any price difference.

Making a complaint

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received or any aspect of your ceremony, please feel free to contact me directly via phone or email.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may wish to lodge your complaint with the Attorney General’s Department.

Details of how to lodge a complaint are located on their website http://ag.gov.au