Whats included

Wedding Ceremony

Below is an overview of what a typical wedding ceremony looks like and the cost. This includes elements such as a ritual, music and use of a PA system. I know that everyone’s budget and dream wedding is different, so I can tailor a wedding ceremony to suit your needs and budget. 

A Typical Wedding Ceremony Outline

The first thing you need to know is that the Monitum, the Legal Vows and the signing of the Register are the 3 mandatory non-negotiable elements of the wedding ceremony under Australian law. They cannot be omitted or changed in any way. All the other elements can added, subtracted or modified to create your ideal wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Elements

This is normally just a few sentences spoken by the celebrant to inform the guests about amenity locations, the order of events and your wishes as far as children during the ceremony or the use of cameras and phones.

Processional Commonly known as the bridal party entrance.
This is where the flower girl, page boy, bridesmaids, the bride and companion enter the venue to music.

Giving Away
This is where a member of the bride’s family officially release their custody of the bride to the groom.

The celebrant will speak about the two of you, your commitment to each other, how you met, what brought you to marriage, a few funny stories and what getting married means to you as a couple.

Reading / Poem
A family member, friend or special person from the community reads a short meaningful poem or verse that highlights your feelings for each other, or hopes and dreams for the future. This is a lovely way to include them in the ceremony.

Mandatory For the marriage to be legal the celebrant MUST read the Monitum as issued and directed by the Attorney General’s Department

The Asking
This is the part most couples look forward to the most. This is where you are asked if you want to marry your partner and you get to say “I DO”.

Legal Vows
For the marriage to be solemnized you MUST say your legal vows in front of your witnesses

Personal Vows
Couples often choose to write their own vows to say to each other after the legal vows. These vows speak of your reason, commitment and promise to your partner and represent your relationship your way.

Exchange of Rings
It is typical for couples to exchange wedding rings signifying their relationship is solid and never ending just like the circle of the ring

The celebrant will pronounce you man and wife (wife & wife, husband & husband or partners) and give you the opportunity to kiss each other for the first time as a married couple.

Signing of the Register
Mandatory Paperwork MUST be completed by each of you, your witnesses and the celebrant in the presence of each other to finalise the marriage. It will take 5 – 10 minutes to ensure everything is signed correctly at the same time allowing the photographer to get a few beautiful photos of this very important element of the ceremony.

Ritual or cultural ceremony
Couples may choose to add a ritual or cultural ceremony to acknowledge ancestors, cultural heritage or the union. The choice is endless, if you can think it we can make it happen.

The celebrant will give the guests any information you need them to know, such as, what to do while you are having photos taken, how to get to the reception or even “you can now turn your phone back on”.

A Final blessing from family and friends as they wish you all the best for a bright and happy future as a married couple.

The celebrant will introduce to your guests as Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mr or Partners in Marriage, for the first time.

Leaving the venue, what order and how you, the bridal party and guest will exit