Create Your Ceremony

The process

Basic Packages

To get your ceremony off on the right foot, ensuring you stay within your budget, why not start with a basic ceremony package. A basic package gives you everything you need for a legal ceremony as well as allowing you the flexibility to add other elements you want in your ceremony so that it is just right for you.

Getting Started

Initial consultation with the celebrant. This can be done on the phone, via email, via zoom or in person. 

Once you have decided to use the celebrant for your ceremony you will meet in person to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage, provide all necessary identification and paperwork (your celebrant will let you know what you need to bring), set your date and pay your deposit. 

Your celebrant will lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Putting it together

Now that you have your date, place and celebrant booked you can get on with the fun stuff. Your celebrant with work with you to put together the ceremony just the way you want it.
Your celebrant will discuss your vision with you, write a ceremony script just for you and help you decide on any additional elements you may want to include to ensure you stay within your budget.
Your celebrant will send a copy of the proposed ceremony, script and cost for your approval. You have the final say.

On the Day

Your celebrant will arrive 30 minutes before your start time to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Your celebrant will conduct the ceremony exactly as you have planned it together, complete all the necessary paperwork on the day then lodge it the the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages on your behalf.
You will receive a commemorative Certificate on the day. Within 2 days of your wedding your celebrant will email your registration number and how to obtain a full marriage certificate

Something Special

Make it Unique

Now that you have your basic wedding ceremony plan, you can add in optional extras to suit your needs and budget. Rituals, ceremonies and commemorative items can all be added to make your wedding ceremony uniquely yours.

Add a Ritual

A ritual such as a hand-fasting or combined ring & hand-fasting ritual is a beautiful way to seal your love.
Rituals such as lighting a candle can also be a wonderful way to include loved ones who cannot share your day with you.
Jumping the broom is making a come back as it is a fun ritual you can share with your guests.
The only limit to including a ritual into your ceremony is your imagination & your budget.

Cultural Ceremony

No matter how subtle or elaborate the gesture, including a cultural ceremony into your wedding is a unique way of infusing your modern wedding with tradition.
Adding a cultural element is a gift of love, an appreciation of your roots and an acknowledgement of your ancestors. Adding culture is a great way to bring the two families together as they can become part of the ceremony in an intimate and meaningful way.

Going Out of Town

As long as your wedding is being held in Australia or Australian waters, your chosen celebrant can conduct the ceremony for you.
Long distance travel (over 30km from the celebrant’s home) including tolls, airfares & accommodation are all possible.
Just let your celebrant know your plans at the initial meeting so that logistics and costs can be worked out up-front.