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Hi, I’m Michaela

I am a down-to-earth marriage celebrant who believes in love. I am based in Toukley, but I travel all over the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley (and have even been known to pop down to Sydney & Picton occasionally) to conduct relaxed and genuine ceremonies written exclusively for the couple getting married.
While I specialize in, and thoroughly enjoy conducting petite, intimate ceremonies such as Registry Style Weddings, Elopement Weddings, Micro Weddings and Couture Weddings, I am equally as comfortable bringing heartfelt ceremonies to life at large, gala events of up to 150 guests.
If you are looking for a celebrant who takes the time to get to know you, works with you to create your perfect, unique and personal marriage ceremony at an affordable price, don’t go anywhere else, get in touch with me today.


What Type of Wedding Do You Want?

Registry Wedding

A registry style wedding is quick and simple as it only contains the 3 mandatory non-negotiable elements of the wedding ceremony under Australian law. These cannot be omitted or changed in any way.


Wedding Ceremony

A typical wedding ceremony includes elements such as a ritual, music and use of a PA system. I know that everyone’s budget and dream wedding is different, so I can tailor a wedding ceremony to suit your needs and budget.



An elopement is a romantic and intimate way to tie the knot. It’s a private wedding ceremony that usually involves only the couple and a small number of witnesses. You can personalise the ceremony to make it truly unique and special to you both.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a marriage celebrant?

The short and simple answer is YES. If you are planning a civil marriage ceremony of ANY type or size, you NEED a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant.

Under Australian Law, The Marriage Act 1961 for a marriage to be legally recognized it must be solemnized by a registered Religious Minister or a registered Marriage Celebrant.

What does a marriage celebrant do?
  • A marriage celebrant will make sure you are legally allowed to get married
  • witness all your official paperwork
  • register your paperwork and marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriage
  •  work closely with you to write a personal ceremony based on you
  • work closely with your venue and/or event planner
  • And most importantly your celebrant will officiate your wedding ceremony.
What should I look for in a marriage celebrant?
  • The marriage celebrant you choose to work with should make you feel comfortable from the very first contact 
  • They should be informative and knowledgeable in all aspects of The Marriage Act 1961
  •  They should be honest and upfront about what they are willing to do for you and how much it will cost
  • They should be a good script writer 
  • They should be a good pubic speaker
  • They should be highly professional (with a sense of humour of course)
How much does a marriage celebrant cost?
  • The cost will vary depending on the location, type of ceremony, inclusions and size of the wedding
  • Registry Style weddings usually start around $400 for in-office ceremonies and go up as high as $1200 depending on the celebrant
  • Petite ceremonies usually start around $500 if they are held local and have no more than 10 people, including the couple getting married
  • Micro ceremonies usually start around $650 if they are held locally and have no more than 20 people, including the couple getting married
  • You can always negotiate additional inclusion, council permits, additional travel etc with your chosen celebrant who will always do their best to create the perfect ceremony for you within your planned budget, if possible
Do I need a Wedding Budget?

Absolutely, regardless of the type of ceremony you are planning, knowing how much you can afford to spend is extremely important. Every wedding, regardless of how big or small it is, is going to cost you money. Knowing how much you have as an overall budget will help you work out what you can include and what you cannot as well as ensuring that you are not putting yourself in a difficult financial position. 


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Some Nice Words by Lovely Newlyweds

I am so pleased we had Michaela to guide us through the day because anything that could go wrong did go wrong. From the bridesmaid loosing her shoes, friends getting sick, the car not fitting through the venue gate and of course, a torrential downpour. Michaela kept S, the groom’s party and guest calm throughout the 1/2 hour delay while staying in constant contact with the event planner, musicians and my driver. I was close to tears by the time I finally got to enter but with her signature sense or humour, Michaela had me relaxed and laughing within seconds. Once we started everything went exactly how I imagined it would, it was a great day.


Young Couple, First Marriage

Even though same sex marriage has been legal in Australia for some time now, coming from a small town we still struggled to find a celebrant who truly wanted to marry us and who treated us like every other couple out there. We were resigned to the fact we would probably end up getting married in a registry in Sydney, not being able to really enjoy or share the occasion with our friends, but Michaela showed us a few spots in our local area, treated us with respect and created a beautiful simple service that truly made it very special for us. Our wedding day is now a day we will always remember and cherish.
Michaela, you are the best

Mrs & Mrs

We can’t recommend Michaela enough, from our first meeting we felt so comfortable and such a reasonable price to stay within our budget. Our special day was absolutely amazing and ran so smoothly, we can’t thank you enough.

James & Jess Ballard

I was so nervous about getting married for the first time in my 60’s that I arrived an hour early. Michaela was so understanding and didn’t make me feel awkward at all. We had a cup of tea & a chat and by the time my husband arrived I was ready to go. If I had known just how easy and stress free it was all going to be I probably would have got married years ago.
Thanks Michaela.


Older First Time Bride

We have made our lives in Australia and wanted a small wedding with a few friends here, but our parents wanted us to have the big Nepalese wedding back in our own village. After speaking to Michaela we realised it was possible to have both without costing us a fortune. We decided on an intimate registry style wedding here, just 10 of us (ourselves and 8 friends). It took less than half an hour, was stress free and we all went out to lunch afterwards. We couldn’t be happier.

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“I’m excited to be accepted as a supplier for a national charity that gifts weddings to the terminally ill – check out their website”