Working with a Doula

In this workshop, we will explore the concept of a death doula and discuss how they can provide support and guidance during end-of-life transitions. Whether you are facing your own mortality or seeking to support a loved one, this workshop aims to help you understand the role of a death doula and determine if utilizing their services is the right choice for you.

End-of-Life planning is a sensitive and vital aspect of ensuring that your wishes are honoured and your loved ones are supported during your final days. A death doula plays a crucial role in this process by offering personalized care and guidance to help you navigate the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of preparing for the end of life.

From creating advance care directives through to facilitating important conversations with family members, an experienced death doula is there to assist you in developing a comprehensive end-of-life plan that reflects your values and preferences. Embrace the comfort and assurance of knowing that your wishes will be respected with the support of a death doula.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

This in-depth workshop aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on the following essential elements:

  • Understanding Death Doulas
  • Services Provided by Death Doulas
  • Benefits of Using a Death Doula
  • When Is Using a Death Doula Right for Me?
  • Recognizing the limitations and potential barriers of utilizing a death doula

Cost $30 – 90 minute online workshop
Cost $40 – 90 minute face-to-face workshop