The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter

Conscious Health, Personal Care & Final Wishes will ensure that your choices around end-of-life planning reflect your values and priorities.

  1. Writing a Legacy Love Letter® can positively transform your relationship to the intended recipient even if it’s never read by anyone but you.
  2. A Legacy Love Letter™ is for loving messages and not the place to work out any issues with the recipient.
  3. You can write a lot in five minutes.
  4. Because a sudden death is always a possibility, writing a Legacy Love Letter™ will create peace of mind that nothing is left unsaid.

With six meaningful prompts, the 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™ (available for free in the Willow shop) helps you write lasting messages to important people in your life, and transform those relationships in the here and now.

In this workshop, you’ll be warmed up and guided to write at least one Legacy Love Letter™ to someone in your life. We also discuss how this powerful tool can be used for people supporting or assisting others.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

This in-depth workshop aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on the following essential elements:

  • Get introduced to and experience using Willow’s end-of-life planning tool, The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™.
  • Experience how writing a Legacy Love Letter™ creates an opportunity to reflect and connect.
  • Discover how writing a lasting message can impact your relationships, here and now.

Cost $30 – 90 minute online workshop
Cost $40 – 90 minute face-to-face workshop