Legacy, Love Letters & Heart Wills (3 Part Series)

This series encompasses the following three workshops:

  • The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™
  • Writing Your Heart Will™ as a Manifesto for Living
  • How to Create and Live Your Legacy
  1. Consciously or not, you are creating your legacy now. A legacy is anything you leave
    behind after your death including the impact you’ve had on people and the planet.
  2. Living with conscious intention supports you to create a legacy that reflects who and
    what matter most to you.
  3. Writing a Legacy Love LetterTM can positively transform your relationship to the
    intended recipient even if it’s never read by anyone but you.
  4. Because a sudden death is always a possibility, writing a Legacy Love LetterTM or a
    Heart WillTM will create peace of mind that nothing is left unsaid.
  5. A Heart WillTM can serve as a manifesto for living that calls you to live with intention.

No matter what kind of life you live, how much money you have, or what you think of your accomplishments, consider that you have a legacy. Inside a thoughtful and dynamic group process you will reflect on your life and begin drafting lasting messages for those you love and future generations. Writing your Heart Will® and Legacy Love Letter® (sometimes referred to as ethical wills or legacy letters) will give you peace of mind that nothing is left unsaid. Contemplating your legacy this way is a powerful discovery process that will support you to live your remaining days with meaning and purpose.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

This 3-part workshop series will support you to:

  • Experience the impact of reflecting on your life and engaging in the process of
    discerning who and what matter most.
  • Get introduced to and experience using Willow’s 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter® and
    How to Write Your Heart Will® tools.
  • Get clear on the legacy you are living and the legacy you want to leave.

Cost $150 – 6 hrs online (3) workshops
Cost $200 – 6 hrs face-to-face (3) workshops