How to Stop Procrastinating with End-of-Life Planning

Heart-centred and holistic end-of-life planning is not about checking items off a big list. It includes emotions, relationships and looking at planning as a total coherent system.

  1. Naming and moving forward with your EOL planning priorities is a personal journey influenced by many factors.
  2. While some EOL planning tasks may seem logistically difficult to start or complete, it’s the emotional difficulty that often brings up powerful feelings such as sadness, fear, or anger. Resistance to, or fear of this emotional intensity may lead you to procrastinate with your EOL planning.
  3. Understanding what’s stopping you or holding you back from completing your EOL planning can lead to breakthroughs in healing and productivity.

The inevitability of death is the one thing in life we’re certain about, yet most people would do anything to avoid talking or even thinking about it. It’s certain your future will include death, after-death care (including how you’ll be laid to rest), and the settling of your estate, regardless of its size. It’s possible that your future will include disability, serious illness, sudden death, a funeral or ceremony of some kind and the gifting or distribution of your financial assets and precious possessions.

What is holding you back from being more prepared? Devoting time and energy to consider and plan ahead for your future —including your inevitable death—will change how you die and how you live, right here, right now, and for the rest of your life.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

This in-depth workshop aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on the following essential elements:

  • Get introduced to Willow’s Reality of Our Mortality Planning Checklist and gain insight into how this holistic checklist moves beyond conventional planning tasks.
  • Begin to identify your end-of-life planning priorities.
  • Name what’s stopping you from being in action or completing your EOL planning.
  • Gain some clarity about how to move forward and feel inspired to get into action.

Cost $30 – 90 minute online workshop
Cost $40 – 90 minute face-to-face workshop