Departure Directions™ Full Day Workshop

Complete your Departure Directions™ and have peace of mind knowing your final wishes will reflect who you are and what matters most.

Departure Directions™ is Willow’s term for your written guidelines—determined by your values, beliefs and priorities—for how you wish to be cared for and remembered after you die.

Completing your Departure Directions™ will give you peace of mind knowing your final wishes will reflect who you are and what matters most to you while alleviating stress, chaos and worry for the people you leave behind. 

Articulating and writing your Departure Directions™ will benefit you in the here and now. Understanding all that matters in the end, is a pathway to living and loving fully, now. Consider that every act of how you are cared for after you die is an opportunity for meaningful rituals that can build, nourish and heal individuals and communities.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

In this workshop, you will:

  • Get introduced to Willow’s end-of-life planning tool, 9 Things to Include in Your Departure Directions™.
  • Explore the factors that shape your Departure Directions™.
  • Gain some clarity about who and what matter most to guide you in making your choices.
  • Become inspired to get into action around how to live and die well.

Who should come?

  • Those of you who want to discover what really matters in the end
  • Those of you who have been wanting to plan but can’t get started
  • Those of you who’ve done some planning, but it doesn’t reflect who you are
  • Moms and dads and people who have (or ever had) a mom or a dad.
  • Mortal beings

Cost $150 – Full day online workshop
Cost $200 – Full day face-to-face workshop