Demystifying the 4 key elements of EOL Planning

End-of-Life Planning is a topic a lot of people shy away from out of fear, misunderstanding and concern that someone outside of themselves may be able to control what happens to them in their future. And, that is exactly why this workshop has been developed. Everyone in our society should be given the correct information to enable them to make well informed decisions that affect their ongoing and future healthcare, financial, legal and personal wishes.

The inevitability of death is the one thing in life we’re certain about, yet most people would do anything to avoid talking or even thinking about it. It’s certain your future will include death, after-death care (including how you’ll be laid to rest), and the settling of your estate, regardless of its size.

It’s possible that your future will include disability, serious illness, sudden death, a funeral or ceremony of some kind and the gifting or distribution of your financial assets and precious possessions.

What is holding you back from being more prepared? Devoting time and energy to consider and plan ahead for your future —including your inevitable death—will change how you die and how you live, right here, right now, and for the rest of your life.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

This introductory workshop aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on the following essential

1: Beliefs and Values – Exploring how personal beliefs and values shape end-of-life decisions and the importance of aligning these with your planning.

2: Legal and Medical Considerations – Understanding the legal aspects of estate planning, advance directives, and medical decision-making to ensure your wishes are respected.

3: Communication – Discussing the significance of effective communication with loved ones and healthcare providers in expressing preferences and easing the burden of decision-making.

4: Final Wishes – Addressing the practical aspects of funeral planning, including options for ceremonies and arrangements to reflect your unique desires.

Cost $60 – 2 hours online workshop
Cost $70 – 2 hours face-to-face workshop