Creating Your Legacy

The Create Your Legacy workshop provides a unique opportunity to reflect on your life, values and experiences, and transform them into a meaningful legacy that can be cherished by future generations. By participating in this workshop, you can ensure that your stories, memories and values are preserved and shared in a way that reflects your unique identity while preserving the impact you have had on your loved ones’ lives. Create a lasting legacy that will endure beyond your lifetime.

End-of-Life planning is a sensitive and vital aspect of ensuring that your wishes are honoured and your loved ones are supported during your final days and beyond.

Engaging in a legacy project can have a profound impact on End-of-Life planning by helping you reflect on your life’s purpose, your values and your experiences. By creating a tangible representation of your legacy, you can gain a sense of closure, completion and fulfillment in
life. A legacy project allows you to leave behind a meaningful record of your life story and your wisdoms for future generations, offering comfort and connection to loved ones when you are no longer here. It can also be a powerful healing tool as it allows you the time and freedom to make sense of your own life journey, reconcile your past and plan for the future with peace-of-mind and purpose.

What’s Covered

What’s Covered in the Workshop

This introductory workshop aims to provide valuable insights and guidance on the following essential

  • Reflect on your life story and values
  • Identifying meaningful ways to share your legacy
  • Hands-on activities to inspire your creative expression
  • Practical guidance on how to document and preserve your legacy
  • Supportive environment to encourage self-reflection and storytelling

Cost $80 – 1/2 day online workshop
Cost $100 – 1/2 day face-to-face workshop